E-learning. Based on formalized learning, delivered by digital resources that make it easier for users to learn at anytime, anywhere and with very few restrictions.


B-Learning. An approach to learning design that combines different modalities into one learning experience.

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We transform your knowledge by creating effective elearning solutions.  And if you want, you can host it on our plataform: elearning.cotalentlab.com

We are with you from the initial consultation to the creation of innovative and customized solutions to suit your unique needs. 

We are partners, not suppliers/clients

Dr. Alfonso Valero Valenzuela - Dr. David Manzano Sánchez - M. Isabel Gil Bohórquez

Cursos Metodologías Educativas Activas

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Miguel A. Martín.

Formador Comercio Exterior

Profesor Inglés como lengua extranjera

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